Whether you are an investor looking to make money on your next project or an end user looking to build your next second story addition, the Nick K team is here to assist you in completing your dream project. With over a decade of experience, allow Nick to take you through the entire project start to finish!

1. Lot Allocation

It all starts with finding the perfect lot/project. This is by far the most important part of the project and must be carried out by a highly trained agent as it will set the tone of not only the project potential but also determine whether or not the project will be profitable. At this stage, Nick will make sure that all factors are taken into consideration. We will make sure that the project is purchased at the correct price point. We will identify whether zoning requirements and all site setbacks will be met in order to allow a profitable project. In addition, we will establish the end value of the project.

2. Pre-design Requirements

Once we have assisted you in buying your perfect project, we will help you in prepping for your design meeting. We will assist you with obtaining items like topographical survey and arborist report. These items will allow our design team to get straight to work on your dream project while meeting all bylaw requirements.

3. Meet Our Design Team

At this stage, you will be personally introduced by Nick to multiple design teams. Once you select your design team and begin to work on the design of your project, Nick will assist with the entire process to ensure you are building a home that meets the requirements of today's marketplace. With many past project and a great success rate, Nick will ensure that you build a home that will be easy to sell for top money.

4. Construction

Nick will personally introduce you to multiple builders that have both worked with our clients and have completed second story additions in the past. Alternatively, clients may choose to complete the project on their own. In this case, Nick will assist clients with any trades that he has access to.

5. Project Completion

Lastly, all parties involved will assist the client in closing all permits and obtaining an occupancy permit.



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